Student Affairs Committee

The International Student Affairs Committee (ISAC) mission is to advocate and build a community that serves for the benefit of international graduate students. ISAC also focuses on creating mutual understanding and awareness between the university and communities of international graduate students. ISAC will realise its mission through the following:


    1. Fostering communication between the students and the institution of the university

    2. Addressing problems common for communities of international graduate students

    3. Advocating for reforms in immigration laws

    4. Improving cultural awareness

2021-2022 International Student Affairs Committee:

Jacek Garbulinski (Chair)

Janisa Hui

Aaron Roth

Edmund Benefo

Koudinya Vinnakota

Shubham Arora

Saummya Kulkarni

Ana Valencia

Have a concern, question or idea related to international student affairs? Email the chair at