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UMD GSG and UMD SGA each have an institutional vote and representatives on the USMSC. The USMSC is one of four councils established during the restructuring of higher education in Maryland in 1988 and the system represents 176,000+ students in the University System of Maryland's 12 institutions and 3 regional higher education centers. The primary function of the USMSC is to advise the Chancellor, Board of Regents, and elected officials on issues, matters, and policies having a direct bearing on students and student affairs in the USM. It is also where the schools are able to communuicate with the two student regents who attend the monthly meetings that rotate across the member campuses. Most recently UMD GSG and SGA worked via the USM to improve transparency.


UMD GSG works with NAGPS to further advocacy and legislative efforts regionally and at the federal level. NAGPS was established in 1987 and is student-run and represents both public and private universities across the United States. Specific areas of focus currently include the Higher Education Reauthorization Act, International student visa reform, funding for graduate education, open access to educational resources and worker rights. 

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