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Food and Housing Resources for Graduate Students


UMD Campus Pantry 


SNAP Support for Students


Off Campus Housing Resources:



GSG Work Related to Graduate Student Housing and Food Security 

Since 2019, GSG has worked with the Graduate School, UMD leadership, the College Park Community, developers and graduate students to develop plans for affordable, accessible, safe housing for graduate students. We are happy to share that years of advocacy work combined with the large housing focus of the 2021-2022 GSG resulted in a promise for Old Leonardtown to be developed for graduate students. 

GSG reps have worked with the campus pantry over the years as well as the Terps Essential Needs Coalition. This work has helped bring awareness specifically to graduate student food insecurity and access to emergency meal card plans. There is also work to have a shuttle grocery route to help more students access affordable food in the area. 

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