Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is responsible for reaching out to, building ties between, and

advocating for graduate students of all races colors, creeds, sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities, marital statuses, personal appearances, ages, national origins, political affiliations, hidden or visible disabilities, and other disadvantaged groups. They also work to foster a diverse and inclusive GSG community. 

The GSG Diversity and Inclusion Committee is composed of the following GSG Representatives

  • Misti Yang (chair)

  • Autumn Perkey

  • Kristin Reque

  • Jenil Kansara

  • Artur Perevalov

  • Nancy Vera

  • Darsy Smith

  • Allen Garcia

  • Nithya Anirudhan

  • Abhilekh Prasai

Members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee also serve on the following external committees: 

  • Sexual Assault Prevention Committee

  • President's Committee on Disability Issues 

  • Title IX Advisory Board

  • Nyumburu Cultural Center Fee Advisory Committee