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UMD Graduate Student Government Introduction

UMD Graduate Student Government Introduction

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Our Mission

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is the official representative body for graduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park and is charged with securing and protecting the welfare, rights, and interests of all graduate students at this institution.


GSG formulates policies promoting and governing the activities and welfare of graduate students, and advises upper-level administration and units across campus seeking to know the opinions, trends, needs, and ideas of graduate students. The GSG Executive Committee works with the Graduate School, the President's office, the Provost's Office, Division of Student Affairs, Division of Administration and Finance,  Graduate Student Life, Graduate Council, the University Senate, Campus Engagement, Graduate Student Legal Aid Office, the Maryland General Assembly, and any other relevant agency or organization on the graduate student viewpoint concerning all matters affecting graduate students. GSG represents graduate student voice across over 50 committees across the campus. In addition, GSG expands the reach of graduate student relevance and voice at the city, state and national levels. 

GSG is one of the main branches of shared governance at UMD that is student-governed. Our sister student-driven branches are the Undergraduate Student Government Association (SGA) and the Resident Hall Association. Members from all student constituencies are also present on the UMD University Senate

GSG was formed in 1980 and had its 40th year anniversary in 2020. Much of the purpose and vision have remained constant. GSG is a place for grad and by grads. A key body for centralizing and strengthening graduate student voice as a credible and key branch of shared governance. GSG is a place for graduate students across all colleges and schools to gather, connect, learn, advocate, share resources, have dialogue, deliberate on issues, work to find solutions and to have leadership experience. We are here to support each other and our greater community and, when possible, join up with our peer institutions in the Big Ten, Student Advocates for Graduate Education Coalition, the National Association for Graduate and Professional Students and the University System of Maryland



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