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GSG Event Highlights

Explore the heartbeat of our vibrant graduate student community on the "Events Highlights" page. Here, we curate and showcase the most exciting and significant happenings that bring our graduate student body together. From academic conferences and workshops to social gatherings and cultural celebrations, this is where you'll find the essence of our thriving student life.

Discover the highlights of these events, capturing the energy, enthusiasm, and diversity that define our community. Stay connected with the heart of our Graduate Student Government's activities right here on the "Events Highlights" page.

Looking forward to what's next on our calendar? Check out our "Upcoming Events" for a sneak peek into future gatherings. Want to reminisce about the incredible moments we've shared? Visit our "Past Events" section to relive the memories.

Whether you're a current graduate student or an alumni, "Events Highlights" is your window into the vibrant tapestry of experiences that make our community unique. Join us as we celebrate knowledge, culture, and connections that shape our journey together.

Get ready to be inspired, informed, and engaged – this is where the best of our graduate student life comes to life. Welcome to "Events Highlights"!


GSG Welcome Mixer

Our September Welcome Mixer at TerpZone was a resounding success! Over 350+ graduate students gathered for a night of free food, fun activities like bowling and video games, and the chance to meet fellow students from various academic backgrounds. It was an unforgettable evening that celebrated the diversity and unity of our graduate student community. Stay tuned for more exciting GSG events!

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