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Elections Committee

Current Members:

Alison Harding: (Chair)

Sloan Lansdale


The purpose of the GSG Elections Code is to regulate the elections process for all GSG offices with regard to candidacy, campaign procedures, polling, balloting, and any and all aspects of elections processes; and to create a fair environment for all elections proceedings.

Need to reach the elections committee? Email the chair at


  • A general election to fill all Executive and Assembly positions shall be held annually. All voting in GSG general elections shall be web-based.

  • Names shall appear on the ballot in alphabetical order.

  • No party names, logos, or slogans shall appear on the ballot.

  • Each graduate student may cast only one vote per race.



  • Only currently enrolled graduate students may run for office in the GSG.

  • The Elections Committee shall establish procedures for the nomination of candidates and make a public announcement concerning nominations and the timeline for the elections.

  • Nominations shall be open for at least 4 weeks for general elections and 2 weeks for midterm elections


  • The winner in a given race shall be the candidate receiving a plurality of votes cast; no candidate may be elected to any office without receiving a minimum of two votes.

  • The Coordinator for Graduate Student Life, in conjunction with the Elections Committee, shall certify the election results. Such certification will include a letter from the Coordinator for Graduate Student Life, addressed to the Assembly, verifying the results are accurate.

  • The announcement of the results of the election shall be made immediately after verification.

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