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2023 GSG's Student Welcome Shuttle Service

GSG leads a collaboration with UMD offices and partners to welcome new students from all over the world to their new home at UMD. This program is a long-standing tradition and lets new grad terps have a safe first commute from Dulles Airport to their new homes in College Park.


The shuttle program, free of charge to incoming students arriving to Dulles airport, welcomes many new students into the community and connects them quickly to a friendly face and helpful resources. This program is a collaboration with the Department of Transportation Services (DOTs) and other departments. 

In 2023, the program was a success and welcomed home over 400 students from the Dulles airport. 

 Fall 2024

The GSG will bring back the student shuttle service for the Fall 2024! The shuttle will be open to all international students coming the University of Maryland, College Park campus for the Fall 2024 between the dates of July 30 - August 21. Please see information below:

How do I register for the international shuttle service?

We will release a Google form here to register for the shuttle service. Keep an eye out on the website for latest updates.

Will the shuttle drop me off at my residence in College Park?

The GSG coordinates with the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) to ensure that we can drop as many students off at their residences as possible. We will schedule drop-offs based on the information that students provide in the registration form above.

When will the shuttle run?

The shuttle will run between the dates of July 30 and August 21. Exact times of shuttle departures will be announced in mid-to-late July

How will I know where to go at Dulles Airport?

GSG Volunteers will be in contact with you about one week before your arrival via Whatsapp. Please either create a Whatsapp account or check your Whatsapp for an invitation to a group channel where you will find all pertinent information

What if I am not arriving between July 30 and August 21? 

You can arrive to University of Maryland college park by any of the following ways:

  1. DC Metro Silver Line: There is a new Metro station via the DC Metro Silver line that connects to Dulles International Airport. You can use this map to navigate to the College Park area, either via transfer to the red or green/yellow lines.

  2. Uber or Lyft are commonly used rideshare apps that you can download to your smartphone

  3. Contact a friend or fellow international student to help pick you up

Can my parent, child, spouse or friend join me on the shuttle?

All are welcome on the shuttle, but it is important they also fill out the registration form above. Every person riding the shuttle should fill out the shuttle form so we have their information. For the UID number section, please input the student's UID number. 

What if my flight gets delayed? What if immigration takes longer than expected? Will the bus wait for me?


There is always a possibility that your travel will get delayed for some reason. Once you sign up for a shuttle, you will be added to a Whatsapp group where you can contact a shuttle volunteer. If your flight gets delayed, please contact the shuttle volunteer and we will find you an alternate route to campus.

Who should I contact with questions?

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns and we'll get back as soon as possible.


It was great to have someone receive and guide us, especially after traveling for such a long time. It saved us a lot of effort!

Everyone was extremely helpful, with their constant help and feedback, I had no trouble arriving on campus and transitioning into this new country and life.

The volunteer was so kind. I was so thankful for this service because otherwise it could have been such a tough journey to UMD. 

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