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Budget & Finance Committee (BFC)

Current Members:

Saleel Anthrathodiyil (VPFA Chair)

Alexa McDorman

Silvana Montanola

Sunanda Mandal

Janeil Birch

The BFC responsibilities are outlined in the GSG bylaws.

The Budget and Finance Committee supports student organizations’ events by distributing funds through event funding requests, enables graduate students to advance their research and professional development by providing graduate student grants, and scrutinize proposed changes to GSG budget and other student fees to live up to its expectation of a financial steward for graduate students.

As mentioned above, the BFC are in effect, the primary financial stewards of student fee monies that are allocated to student groups (via EFRs) and the pilot grant program for individual graduate students. The BFC is tasked with effective and efficient budget allocations as well as ensuring overall GSG budget validity and accuracy. The 2022-2023 Committee is dedicated to advocacy as related to affordability issues and specifically student fees, differential tuition and GA stipends. 


The BFC promise to graduate students includes closely monitoring the GSG budget and communicating the budget status throughout the year. The promise to be good stewards of student fee monies with the goal of financing events that enrich the community.  

For more information about BFC, please contact Saleel Anthrathodiyil, VPFA,  at

Learn about Best Practices for Evaluating Event Funding Requests (EFRs) by clicking the buttons below.

The guide, checklist and past funded program examples will help you and your organization maximize your chances of receiving funding for your event.

EFR Best Practices 

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