Hiring a Director of Public Relations Signed

Tuition Support Signed

 IGS Town Hall Signed

Extended Support Signed

- An Act Clarifying Parliamentary Procedure Signed (Veto)

Anti-Racism Efforts Signed

 Release the text of the Embargoed Resolution GSGA37-R06 Signed (Veto)

Executive Offices Signed

Veto Signed

Mandatory Fees Signed

 Polis Committee Signed

Moment of Mourning Signed

 International Student Affairs Committee Signed

Collective Bargaining For Student Employees

A resolution requesting President Loh

honor his commitment to retire in June 2019

College Affordability Act

EFR Easy Access Act

Payout to D.J Durkin

Act Increasing The FY19 Honorarium for executive

Increasing support for legislative


GSG office equipment spending


Clarifying assembly confirmation 


Revising minimum honorarium for executive

Updating the responsibilities of VPAA

 GRAD Committee Signed

Nondiscrimination Signed

Collective Bargaining Signed

Graduate Student Government 

University Of Maryland

0121A Stamp Student Union

"by grads for grads"

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