Legislative Action Committee

This committee ensures that UMD graduate students are in the minds of decision-makers on a local, state and federal level and assists in the communication process. The committee monitors legislation to see how it might affect graduate students and lobbies elected officials on behalf of graduate student's interests.

Committee Members (2019-2020)

Rachel Lamb, Chair and VP of Governmental Affairs

Melanie Arenson (PSYC)

Ashley Clark, GSG Advocacy Coordinator

Aditi "Addie" Dubey (ENTM)

Alex Dunphy (HIST)

Valerie Hall (ANTH)

Austin Lewis (ENRE)

Andrew Mazer (ARCH-URSP)

Ramin Moradi (ENRE)

Amorghavarsha Prasanna (PMRO)

Annie Rappeport (President)

Martin Sanders, VP of Legislative Affairs

Simon Sheaff (GVPT)

Teal (ASTR)

Jonelle Walker (THET)

Annual Events

  • Federal Advocacy Training

  • Letter Writing Campaigns

  • Lobby Day in Annapolis

  • Policy-Relevant Research Showcase in Annapolis

  • Targeted advocacy around labor rights, research funding, the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, immigration, and more

  • Have more ideas?
    Email us at gsg-vpga@umd.edu

  • Fearless Student Employees (FSE)

  • Graduate Assistant Advisory Committee (GAAC)

  • Graduate Science Policy at UMD (GSP@UMD)

  • Want to connect your organization with the LAC?
    Email us at gsg-vpga@umd.edu

Other Campus Graduate Advocacy Groups

External Representation

  • National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS)

  • National Science Policy Network (NSPN)

  • Student Advocates for Graduate Education, research funding committee

  • University System of Maryland Student Council, labor and student fees committees (USMSC)

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