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International Students Shuttle Program of 2022 Was a Success!

GSG's annual Shuttle Program, a service initiated to help incoming international students get home from the Dulles airport safely on arrival, took place from 5th to 25th of August this year.

More 300 incoming UMD students were picked up with a warm welcome over those three weeks. More than 20 current students volunteered to help, including a number of GSG reps. Volunteers went the extra mile to help out students with moving luggage, helping book cabs, and giving them useful advice. Some had to wait longer due to flight delays, and some even showed up on multiple days.

The service this year received excellent feedback from the students who used it. Much praise was rightly given to the volunteers. The Diamondback also published an article on the service after interviewing the coordinators.

GSG received sponsorship for this event from various departments across UMD, and hopes to continue the service in the years to come, as it's something that truly helps students adjust to a new country and alleviate their anxiety.

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