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Recap: November Assembly on Student Fees

Photo by: Joe Ryan/The Diamondback

The November Assembly took place on Monday, November 4th and focused on mandatory student fees past, present and future.  Three GSG representatives (Shawna Dias, Annie Rappeport and Xu Han) represent graduate student interests on the Committee for the Review of Student Fees. They formed the fee panel and presented the current process including pros and cons of advisory boards and transparency. In addition, the panel went in depth to show how a specific fee--athletics-- does not fall into line with UMD's Big Ten peers. UMD is the sole outlier B10 institution to charge a mandatory athletic fee to graduate students and GSG, along with the support of the Graduate School, are working to see how this fee can become opt-in or opt-out.   The panel was highly interactive and the assembly delved into key issues regarding how to best  share student financial stressors with administrators and how to best approach the CRSF process and unit advisory committees. 

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