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When Far Away is Close to Home: Ukrainian Panel May 9 2022

Post by: Annie Rappeport and Jacek Garbulinski

We have seen a lot of news stories and event programming about the Ukrainian crisis, but this panel is something very special.

Join, "When Far Away is Close to Home: Connecting The Media Reports with The Lived Experiences of Russia’s war on Ukraine," on May 9th, 2022. in the Grand Ballroom Lounge in the Stamp Student Union from 4:30-6:00pm. The panel is organized under the patronage of the Graduate Student Government and the Ukrainian Student Association.

This panel will bridge what you heard about the war with firsthand experiences. Our moderator is our very own UMD Dean of Public Health, Boris Lushniak. Dean Lushniak is American-Ukrainian with family in Kyiv and Lviv. Dean Lushniak will be joined by a number of undergraduate and graduate students.

Some Useful Background Context:

What does the future hold for Ukraine and the world? What role can the academic community play in preventing a global crisis stretching beyond Ukraine’s borders? Do the effects of this war reach the UMD community? On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine — a democratic, sovereign country in the heart of Europe. In just one month, the Russian army killed thousands of people, forced millions to leave their homes and seek refuge, and destroyed five thousands of civilians' houses. As the humanitarian crisis caused by the war escalates, the free world united by providing humanitarian assistance, defensive military equipment to Ukraine, and imposing sanctions on Russia. The impact of this war is global. It is not only the war against Ukraine. Global stability and food security worldwide are at risk. With almost 4.8 million people seeking refuge in neighboring countries and 7.1 million people being internally displaced, the humanitarian crisis stretches beyond the borders of Ukraine. These numbers hold countless stories of human suffering, fight for freedom and hope for a brighter future. It is our hope that the discussion will connect the academic expertise with the personal experience forging a path for making a difference. Join the panel discussion about the global impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine and how it connects to the personal experience of people affected. The panel is organized under the patronage of the Graduate Student Government and the Ukrainian Student Association.

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