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The Seven Springs Shuttle Returns (*Spring Only)

On Monday, the Division of Student Affairs, DOTS and GSG met to discuss and problem-solve ways to help the Seven Springs residents (who pay student fees) to have a safe way to campus for their jobs and coursework. Although Seven Springs remain steadfast in their refusal to help or to admit any lack of integrity in misleading renters about the service, DOTS is stepping in to help because the DOTS teams does not wish to see students in unsafe or financially burdensome situations. So let's take a minute to thank the university for being proactive and gracious in helping students before 

The Good News: A shortened shuttle service (Thanks DOTS!) will exist for the 16 weeks of the spring semester - it will run 3x a day M-F. 

WHAT EVERY SEVEN SPRINGS RESIDENT NEEDS TO DO: Fill out the survey to ensure GSG knows what times work best for the most people with the three loops per day. One loop will be morning, one late afternoon/early evening and one at night. GSG has to give these recommendations to DOTS next week. Fill out the survey ASAP!!! 

The Remaining Concerns and Efforts: Seven Springs has still wronged many residents. The spring shuttle will not cover the gap between when the metro cards will end (last day of fall classes) and the first day of the spring classes (when the shuttle will return for 16 weeks.) We will continue to work with residents to advocate and hopefully convince Seven Springs to keep the metro cards going as long as possible. 

Want to help the efforts? Please email 

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